I was born in Wisconson and currently live in Redwood City, having moved to the Bay Area from England when I was six. I have two sons (20 and 22 in 2011) who make me quite proud.  I am currently in a wonderful relationship with my girlfriend, Anna H.

Frank and I have known each other since 1988 or so, having met at Toastmasters.

I enjoy a number of activities including:

  • My main professional is working working with Start-Up ventures.  The type of help I provide depends on the needs. My support includes technical development, business development, funding, and management. 

    But I also enjoy programming and working with computers, so often find myself working on projects that include those skills.

  • Cycling is a great way to stay in shape as well as enjoy the beauty of the Bay Area.  I am active in Western Wheelers Bicycle Club (www.westernwheelers.org/main/index.htm) and probably the Almaden Cycle touring Club - ACTC (www.actc.org) .
  • White water rafting is a favorite activity of mine since high school and I have been guiding white water raft trips since 1990 or so.  And the first time I camped at Camp Coloma was in 1981.
  • Acting is exhilarating and a wonderful activity for me.  I usually perform in one show a year for Woodside Community Theatre (www.woodsidetheatre.org). Recent shows include “Oklahoma”, “Anything Goes”, and “The Music Man”.  With Travis playing at football at SJSU, these years, I tend to do more back stage stuff as his football provides too many conflicts for me to be able to perform.
  • Toastmasters (as a member of North Valley Toastmasters - www.nvtm.org) - since 1989.  This is a great way to enhance/expand your ability to speak in public.
  • Membership in “Friends of the River” (www.friendsoftheriver.org) - an organization that supports rafting as well as ways to help protect some of the many rivers that are still available to the public.
  • Cooking - I really enjoy cooking.  My style is often that of creating something based on what I can find in the kitchen. But I use recipes when necessary (especially if I haven’t prepared a given dish in the past.)
  • Gardening is something that I find as a wonderful way to get fresh vegetables and spices, un-stress, not to mention generating my own mulch rather than tossing vegetation based wasted into the garbage fill.
  • I like working with my hands as well.  I recently build a new deck for my parents house, some large (6’ x 2.5’ x 2.5’) planter boxes for my parents and my son (at his mothers house.) But I find all kinds of “handiman” projects to be fun (painting, sheet rock, grouting, you name it.)
  • Scuba Diving is another fun activity.  As a child, I was jealous of the birds, soaring free in the air, unfettered by gravity. When I scuba dive, I can do the same thing.  While I enjoy “flying” through the kelp forests in Monterey Bay, I have been scuba diving all over including Australia, Trinidad & Tobago, Hawaii, etc.

You can also find me on Facebook.com/FletcherJohnson and in LinkedIn