Frank isn’t much in to cycling, but I am...  So I decided to add this page so I can have information about various rides, links to good sites, etc.

Fletcher is a member of Western Wheelers - a local touring bike club.  They have riding activities for people who are just getting started to those who feel that a ride of less than 100 miles just is too short.

If you just want a brief listing of events and other cycling information in the area, you can check out California Cycle’s web site.

Some of the rides I do are:

Casual 1 - The Portola Valley Loop (PVL) - Woodside & Alameda - Alameda - Alpine - Portola Road - Woodside)

Casual 2 - Woodside - Canada - 92 - 35 (north) - (until we turn around) - back to Woodside.  Often, we might go through the hills where Canada meets 92 if we want to add a little (or more than a little) hill climbing.)

Short hilly - Emerald hills area of Redwood City/San Carlos.

Hilly 1 - PVL - Old La Honda (OLH) - 35 (north) - 92 - Canada - Woodside (about 40 miles)

Hilly 2 - Woodside - Kings Mountain - 35 - 84 - Pescadero - Alpine - 35 - Page Mill Road - Moody road - Foothill - Woodside

Coast Run - Woodside - OLH - 84 - Stage Road - Highway 1 - Tunitas Creek - 35 - Kings Mountain Road - Woodside.  About 45 miles or so

Santa Cruz - Woodside - OLH (or Kings Mountain Road) - 35 (south) to Highway 9 to Santa Cruz.  Spend the night (or not) and then reverse the ride. In some cases, on the way back, we might go up Old San Jose Road to 35 and take that back to Old La Honda.

If you want to travel from South San Francisco to the San Jose airport, I recommend the following:

35 south to Canada Road to Woodside Road to Alameda. Take that south and veer to the left (on to foothill) where it meets Alpine and Foothill.  Take Foothill to Arasdradero, pass El Camino Real, and turn right on Wilkie Way (you should see a bike bridge sign). At the end, take the bike bridge (it’s on the left hand side). On the other side, go straight to Del Medio Ave and turn left. Take second right onto California Street. At the light, turn left onto San Antonio, go up the overpass and turn right to get onto Central Expressway.  Take this all the way to the Airport.