Notes to us for other trips:

Also refer to the “Do Before”, “To Bring”, and “Do after” pages.

Print out all these pages and check off what is done!

Also, don’t forget:

  • Send msg to list about bringing extra key
  • Same thing about looking for camper shell (what about Craig’s list?)
  • Fix the white gas stove pump (just buy a repair kit?)
  • Long hose and power cord since we may not have a “real” campground
  • Bread/food/first aid containers (crush proof) for boat.  Ammo kit should only be used for 1st aid type stuff - but even that should be replaced with a plastic box if possible - to avoid injuries.
  • Go over all pages to see what we need to get.
  • Identify what stuff is in boxes that we don’t have on list and vice versa. Maybe include info on which box should hold it.
  • Update any of the lists that do not have all the info.
  • Bring permanent markers for camp
  • Put all the printouts in a large, sealable manila envelope to be kept in the camp area so we can update it ASAP.
  • Plan to take the trailer up to the upper parking lot every trip.
  • Organize the storage boxes and label them.
  • Spare tire and jack for the trailer - status?
  • Plastic Table cloths - do we want them?
  • Something on which to put food when eating on the river - there are not many clean places.
  • Eye wash kit as part of the first aid kit on the river (and in camp)
  • Fold out table - do we need it?
  • Break down of pricing - non rafters, what if only one day, etc.
  • Note that some stores are on the Bidwell exit - for our use and guests.  What about other exits?
  • etc.