Frank and Fletcher have been running raft trips for their friends for years. It started way back in the mid 80s when a Friend of Fletcherís (Bob Elwell) found out about rafting and invited Fletcher.  Somewhere around 87 or so, Fletcher started guiding along with Bob. Eventually, Bob bought a raft and was fondly known by a number of the rafting companies as the River Pirate. This was due to his frequent raft trips, abundant supplies of ice cold beer (not allowed on commercial ventures) on his raft, and very jovial attitude. Unfortunately, Bob passed away in 2000.  For more history on Bob, check out his memorial website

Frank was invited by Fletcher to join up with the mad cap crew in the mid-90s. Having been on the 1980 Olympic polo team, he was very comfortable around water and quickly learned to guide as well.

Fletcher and Frank decided to keep the rafting trips alive and have done so to this day.

Frank Amdur is the trip coordinator.  You can reach him via e-mail (just click on his name) or at the following address.

Frank Amdur (
PO box 361295
Milpitas, CA 95036

You can also contact the webmaster/gopher/cook/guide/raft outfitter/whatever (thatís me) - Fletcher Johnson. As with Frank, you can reach me by clicking on my name or making use of any of the following:

Fletcher Johnson (
781 2345 - (in area code 408)

We also have an email list where we post announcements of trips, changes, or anything else relevant to our raft trips. You can join that by going to the link below. NOTE: you do NOT need a Yahoo email account to sign up (although you do need a Yahoo account so you can manage it.) Also, we do not allow spam or irrelevant messages on the list, so donít be surprised if you only get a few messages from the list a year.