If you are planning to join us on a Friends of the River (FOR) trip, please read the following:

Unlike private trips, we usually camp at Lotus Camp. This is in Lotus, not Coloma (click on the link for details and directions.) On these trips, we usually ride the upper river (from Chilli Bar to Lotus Camp) on Saturday and then the lower portion (Lotus Camp to Folsom Lake) on Sunday. This helps us avoid the crowds as the commercial operations usually do the reverse (as do we when we go private.)

On these trips, you will be responsible for bringing your own camping gear, food, etc. You are welcome to camp wherever you wish.

YOU MUST REGISTER WITH FOR, in advance, to be sure to have camping space, a space on the raft, etc. Please go to the FOR calendar, find the trip you wish to go on, and register. The cost is quite inexpensive, but you must be a FOR member (also not very expensive) in order to attend. I think that guests may be allowed, but FOR is a great organization and I strongly encourage you to support them any way you can.

Of course, even if you are camping on your own, you are always welcome to come to our tent and join us for conversation, games, reminiscing, etc.


FOR Trips