Please register as soon as possible. The trips can fill up. Also, your registration is not final until you have sent in a check for the full amount.  The rough cost breakdown (in 2011 pricing) is as follows:

- Raft rental $55.00
- Equipment, misc supplies, stove fuel, gas, permits, parking fees, etc. $40.00
- Camp Grounds (per person) $15.00 per night - Total $30.00 (or $45 for 3 nights)
     Note: The campsite has a minimum 2 night stay.
- Food: $35.00 per day - ($20.00 for age 6-11, $7.50 for 2-5, $0.00 for under 2)
     so multiply these by the number of days (70 for 2 days, etc.)
- Dogs are $1.00 per day

  • If you are staying for Fri & Sat nights, plan on $200 for the weekend.
  • If you are staying for Fri - Sun nights, plan on $230 for the weekend

The food is mostly consumed on Saturday - which is when most of you will be there. We generally buy in bulk, so it can be difficult to adjust costs if you will be eating fewer meals. And costs change more frequently than this web site, so please understand if the costs end up to be higher than we list here.

We have not factored in the cost of wet suits if needed, lost equipment for which we are responsible (paddles, life vests, etc.), damage to any rented equipment, and other such items. If we do incur such additional expenses, then we will share those (except for wet suites which are a personal choice) as well.

NOTE: Please review the Camping page to see what food we have planned. If you have any allergies or food requirements, you need to let us know at least one week before the trip so we can account for that when shopping for food.

Again, we are not a business.  We simply rent a boat and then we all share the costs. As you can see, there is no money for professional guides (if you want one, we recommend you hire one - see the links page), insurance, or other costs. We just have this information here so we don’t have to keep explaining the breakdown of our costs to everyone each time.

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Hey, can I come?

Here is my payment to reserve a spot.  I will send it to:

Anna Huynh
54 Chester St.
Los Gatos, CA  95032

Here is a list of all the people who I want to bring with me.

Name (don’t forget to include yourself)


Fri Night

Sat Night

Sun Night

(if < 21)

Amt Due



















































Please send a check for the total estimated amount now and the difference will be determined once we have the final totals of what was spent.  At some point (usually on the Tuesday following the trip), we will total the costs and either ask for the remaining amount or return the excess.

Total amount of check: ____________ (from Amt Due Total above)

Note: By filling this out and sending it in, you acknowledge that we are a bunch of amatures and that this is just a bunch of friends getting together for a raft trip. You know that we DO NOT have any special training or claim to be expert in any category (other than maybe having fun.)

You also realize that we are simply collecting deposits towards the actual costs (so that we don’t end up paying big time if someone cancels.) We are not a business and are not selling anything.  Your deposit to us is applied to the costs that you will incur once you are here.  If you cancel, we will use the deposited funds to cover any costs (raft rental, campsite fees, food, etc.) to which we are obligated based on your initial request to attend.  Anything left will be returned to you or credited to a future trip.

Please provide emergency contact information so we have someone to contact should you have any problems while camping.

Contact Name:____________________- Phone:_______________


Waiver. (Our lawyers make us say this.)
By my signature on this form I acknowledge that I have read and understood the information in the Registration Page of the site.  I understand the disclaimers and I accept that this trip may involve risk of harm or death to me and/or my family for which I will be soley responsible. If I am bringing anyone under the age of 18 I also acknowledge that I am their parent/guardian. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian if they will be rafting.

Please ask any of your guests (other than your spouse and/or children listed above) to print this out, sign it, and bring it with them. No one can raft if they do not have a form filled out and signed.

Please fill in your name and signature below.

Name:_______________________ Signature ______________________