We will be bringing our own rafts which we will be renting although we are planning to buy one as well.).

On a three day trip (Fri - Sun), we usually run as follows:

- Friday - Arrive, unpack, and, if we have time, we might tube Troublemaker (a class three rapid next to the campground) or tube down to the park (about a 45 minute float)

- Saturday - We run the second leg (the long run - about 5-6 hours)  We put in the river at the camp and raft to Lake Folsom.

- Sunday - We may run the first leg on Sunday morning (Chilli Bar to Camp - about 2.5 - 3 hours).  Sometimes we only run one raft. In any case, we need to be packed and out by 1:00 or so.

- Note - for 4 day trips, we will often run the lower leg (or sometimes run both legs) on Sunday and then run the upper leg on Monday. Or we will run on a 3 day schedule and have a leisurely time to pack and return on Monday.

- For those too young to raft with us (or not rafting for any reason) we provide inner tubes that can be used to float from camp to the park - about 45 minutes or so (with a 5 minute drive back to camp.)

If you want information on how the river is flowing, you can visit the Chili bar dam site.  This dam is where we put in for the short leg and controls the flow for both the short and long trips.

Go to http://cdec.water.ca.gov/cgi-progs/queryID?s=7640 and you will see a graph. The CFS is Cubic Feet per Second. Most summer trips run at 1400 or more.  The higher the number, the more water (and fun) we have.  The flow is occasionally kept lower during the week, so if you are looking at a day other than Sat or Sun, try clicking earlier to see what they did the previous weekend (they increase the flow on weekends for us rafting type people.

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