Schedule for 2011

(Note: FOR (Friends of the River) trips are trips where I (and maybe Frank) will be guiding. These trips are different in how they are managed. For those trips, please register via the FOR web site. You can see all their trips at the FOR calendar page. If you would like to go on a private trip, but don’t see one that fits your schedule, feel free to contact us to see if we can find a way to plan one.
  • Fri, Aug 5 - Sun, Aug 7 at the Coloma Resort
Also, the schedule on this page may be updated from time to time as we add more trips.  Feel free to check back.  Or you can join our yahoo email list where we post such things.

Finally, if you want to go on a trip that’s not listed or create a private trip, contact us and let’s see what we can do.  It’s not to difficult to talk us into going rafting......