We are a couple of pals who like to go white water rafting with our friends and use this site to answer common questions

We are Not professionals and do not provide any services of any kind to the general public. If you are not one of our guests, please see our Raft Links page for links to various professional rafting companies.

We are NOT a professional rafting company (heck, we aren’t even a company, just a bunch of friends.) We just like to raft and invite some of our friends to join us.  We started a long time ago when a good friend of ours (Bob Elwell) got hooked on rafting.

If you have stumbled across this site by accident, a Google search, etc. and don’t know us, don’t bother contacting us - there are lots of good commercial companies that do give raft trips. We are only using this site because it is easier than calling everyone and giving them all the details again and again.  Also, since we are amateurs, if you want to be safe, a commercial rafting company has people who are trained much better than are we.A bunch of us rafting in Bob's Boat

You can come to raft, camp, or just hang out with the “gang”

If you have any questions or comments, you can send them to either Frank Amdur or me (Fletcher Johnson aka webmaster)  If you like to raft but not camp, on the camping page you will find references to some local bed and breakfasts places as well.

We also have a Yahoo email group for notifications.  This group can be located at:

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